All our work is bespoke, individually crafted for each individual client. Each piece is unique.

Be it a sculpture, a gate, railings or a piece of art, we work with our client to nurture their thoughts into a concept. With your requirement and our creative input we develop designs which meet your needs, but with that little bit extra.

Before we start on the drawing board we’ll establish context, investigate your thoughts, your likes and dislikes, possibly historical context if appropriate. We’ll then work on the design. Using both hand drawings and computer based design we’ll develop all the elements into an agreed design.

Where necessary we’ll create scale models to ensure the design performs aesthetically. With over 30 years’ experience we instinctively know what works in a design and during the manufacturing process, experience which our clients find invaluable when commissioning their bespoke metalwork.

Everything is manufactured to the highest quality in our fully equipped workshop by master blacksmith Andrew and his team. Complex shapes and features can be created through manipulating the hot metal, and Andrew has the ability to create the finest detail even on the largest of sculptures.

Once your piece of metalwork leaves the workshop our input doesn’t end there. We firmly believe the best way to enhance our design is to install it correctly…… so we install all our work ourselves. This can include any lighting which may have been suggested as part of the design in order to highlight certain elements of the metalwork.

From site preparation to equipment and skilled personnel, we take care of it all. And if it’s a live construction site we have extensive experience of working with major contractors and have CSCS cards and required certificates to enable us to work safely on any construction site.

We really do take pride in our work from design to realisation.